Today, a well-known Kazakh journalist, public person, editor-in-chief of the Republican socio-political newspaper "AIQYN", academician of the Academy of journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurtore Zhusip became a guest of the project "Media Мeyman" of the Elbassy Library. The media-manager spoke about his career and answered questions of students, future political scientists and journalists.

From the first minute, as befits a seasoned journalist, Nurtore Zhusip managed to attract young students genuine interest. He asked a few questions on a well-known topic - the Kazakh Yurt. As it happened, many students did not know the names of the components of the nomads’ dwelling. The intrigue arose for a reason - Nurtore Zhusyp explained the lack of knowledge of students by the fact that modern people stopped reading good old fairy tales. In them, our ancestors laid the first knowledge that must be acquired in the first years of life. Simple precepts about the nature, human life and the way of life - all this since ancient times was carefully conveyed through Kazakh folklore.  

- In today's world, young minds are ruled by the Internet. Answers to almost all questions can be found online. But this is only a helper! In fact, you as future journalists should know the culture, history, including the history of the origin of words. You must be carriers of this valuable information. Well, the source of knowledge is only in books, in our folk tales, for example, the fairy tale "Er-Tostik". This fairy tale and all others are a storehouse of wisdom, knowledge and experience of our ancestors, who spoke and wrote in the language of the heart, said Nurtore Zhusip.

The meeting kept every participant focused, because the editor-in-chief of the newspaper AIQYN asked direct questions, looking into the eyes of the students. Master was interested in how a new generation of journalists is able to withstand criticism. In this regard, the guest cited the experience of the world-famous writer Jack London as an example.  Publishing houses rejected his first book 600 times.

- Steadfastness, determination and absolute faith in yourself led to the fact that even a century later the name of Jack London is among the greatest people in the world, and who now remembers the names of those editors who rejected his work?! I wish you to be hardworking, never rest on your laurels and constantly struggle with your own shortcomings. It is necessary to be a professional, and it requires such qualities as humanity, decency, loyalty and justice.

Talking about his professional career, Nurture Baitelesovich noted that he still didn’t reached his full potential. Incredible self-discipline, since his student days, constantly poses new challenges for his self-improvement.

Sharing his experience, the academician answered the students' questions, and then handed them memorable certificates of the master class.

- Today's young people are very talented. Inquisitive minds, high goals and good ambitions -  this is how I see the new generation of Kazakhstan. I believe in our youth! - said at the conclusion of the meeting Nurtore Zhusip.