October 2015

During October 2015 in the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the schedule of the lectures were conducted:

–lectures «Olympic champions of Kazakhstan», «Kazakhstan - space harbor »;

– lesson-excursion from the cycle «Exhibits talking…»: «Award to President - gratitude to people»;

– debate tournament among college students of Astana, dedicated to            550th anniversary of the Kazakh statehood;

– lessons within the elective courses «Елбасытану» (4) and «Жастардың бойында лидерлік қасиетті дамыту жағдайлары» (4);

– lesson meeting «Лидер болу – қоғам талабы» with actor, singer and composer Nurlan Alimzhan.

Exhibits, photo and video materials from the collections of the Museum interested listeners permanently.

On October held 13 events, the number of participants in the educational program of the Museum was 460 people. Mostly they are pupils of schools, college students, teachers of history and social sciences of Astana.