2019, declared by the Head of state the Year of youth has come. In his October Address last year, Nursultan Nazarbayev especially stressed that support for youth and the institution of the family should become a priority of state policy. A wide platform of social elevators will enable the development of all categories of young people.

Youth outreach has always been one of the key tasks of the state. The President regularly meets with the leaders of youth organizations; he is familiar with the most current issues of concern to students and young professionals.

In the Elbassy Library, "The President and the youth" photo album is kept in a single copy, which included the cadres of meetings of Nursultan Nazarbayev in different years with youth leaders, students, cadets of military schools, young talents and students.

On pictures from 10-15 years ago, there are a lot of familiar persons. Activists then, today they are already the known figures making a big contribution to development of education, culture and sports of Kazakhstan. For example, it is easy to recognize the young chess player Darmen Sadvakasov, boxer Serik Sapiyev and many others in the photos.

Photo from album of Zhas Otan

One of the photos shows the opening of the first Congress of the youth branch "Zhas Otan" in 2008. Next to the Head of state you can see youth leaders. On the right – Tanirbergen Berdongarov, followed by Maxim Rozhin, now a Kazakh public figure, journalist, fluent in the Kazakh language.

– For the first time I was lucky to meet the President in 2005. During his visit to the South Kazakhstan region, he visited M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, where I studied for a master's degree and headed the Committee on youth Affairs. As a youth leader, I was instructed to give the Head of state a memorable album with photos of his visit to our University.  I remember how I worried, but not because I first spoke before the Head of state in Kazakh, but because I was worried that I would not have time to say everything, and I wanted to say a lot. Then I certainly could not have known that I would meet him more than once. I handed him the album, and he asked me about my plans, about the future. I talked about science and university, not knowing at all that in a couple of months, I would be in Astana and work as a news presenter on the Astana TV channel. Many spoke then: "The President took him to the capital", says Maxim with a smile, "In fact, of course, it was not true. But the fact that Nursultan Abishevich influenced my fate is beyond doubt. The first meeting with him gave me tremendous self-reliance. It was a very powerful incentive, for which I am extremely grateful to him.

During these years, Maxim managed to realize his potential. His professional career from a television journalist to an adviser to the akim of Turkestan region was awarded with just rewards. This is the result of hard and purposeful work, work on himself, Maxim admits.

By the way, today he is known as a talented photographer. His pictures surprise the viewer with their originality and unusual depth. He is a true patriot of his hom