Press tour through the halls which had been closed for visitors and also through the updated halls of the permanent expositions of the Museum

On October 27, 2016 in the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place a press tour through the halls which had been closed for visitors and also through the updated halls of the permanent expositions of the Museum. It is a result of the first step of a great work for updating the subjects of the exposition halls of the Museum and museumfication of the building of the first Residence of the President of Kazakhstan in Astana.

For the first time a wide range of the visitors can see the 2nd Reception room and the Small office of the President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation N. A. Nazarbayev. The furniture and interior are completely recreated in original state.

In the Small office the President held conference calls by means of a video conferencing system which allowed to provide bilateral or multilateral transfer of a voice signal. In the reception room are presented the works of N. A. Nazarbayev. There is possible to make photos.

The staff of the museum represents the results of a re-exposition of Mazhilis hall and foyer of the Dome hall. This work is complicated as a serious scientific research and art projection simultaneously.

In Mazhilis hall the President of Kazakhstan in 1997-2004 held working meetings with the staff of his Administration. There were developed the bases of the state development strategy of independent Kazakhstan. In the hall is placed the exposition «Republic of Kazakhstan: strategy of state development», which is in new way represents the materials reflecting the main directions of socio-economic and political development of modern Kazakhstan.

There are also unique fragments of the exposition in addition to creative supply of the archival and museum materials which are maximal opened to the visitors of different ages. A complete historical «immersion» in the material expect the visitors at the exposition where the museum reconstruction «Inauguration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan» is placed. The original things used at the ceremonies of different years, recreate the solemn moment of the inauguration of the head of state elected by the people. This zone is not only filled with interactive archival and museum materials, but also gives the opportunity to make alone or collective photos in the authentic historical atmosphere.

In the interactive zone is presented a large choice of paper documents and a video-archive according to the subject of the hall. In comfortable conditions the visitors can study manuscripts and documents with marks of the Head of state about the strategy of the state development of our country, to see a unique newsreel shots of Independence.

In foyer of the Dome hall are traditionally presented the gifts to the Head of state, and that exposition was cardinally updated. The wealth and interpenetration of the museum collection allowed by the results of its scientific-fund studying to present the exhibits, systematized according to material and making technology. A new view on wood, leather, glass, crystal; everburning shine of gold and silver; a shock when you look at bone and jade carving and a skillful embroidery silk - such emotions and impressions we expect from our visitors when they look through the exposition «Gifts to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

On the eve of such holidays as the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan and the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan the visitors of the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan will be able to estimate once again the level of reformations, which have a contribution of each citizen of independent Kazakhstan.