One of the large-scale projects of the Library of Elbassy in the year past was mobile exhibitions "The First". The organizers have tried to reach as many viewers as possible, having developed interesting lectures and expositions specially for each audience.

The project «The First» is dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The mobile exhibitions were divided into themes: "Historical choice. Beginning", "Historical choice. Ascent", "Award to the President — Gratitude to the People" and "Atameken". Within the week more than 60 exhibits of the Elbassy Library led a "nomadic lifestyle".

The first unique museum valuables were seen and even touched by kids and teachers of the kindergarten "Nauryz" in Astana. The children were not only told about interesting facts from the life of the country and its President, but also showed real exhibits – a helmet, a hammer of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the time when he worked as a metallurgist in Temirtau, photos of the family and school years of the Head of state.

On 26 November, the main event in the life of the project «The First» took place – it was solemnly presented at the Eurasian national University.  In the spacious atrium of the University, where an exact copy of the monument to Kultegin was installed, the fund exhibition "Creativity. Creation. Innovations" has been opened. Its purpose is to present the directions and results of creative activity of the President in the field of education and innovation through archival, museum and book collections of the Library.

At the exhibition for the first time a complex of public awards was presented, with which the Head of State was awarded in recognition of his merits and initiatives of global humanitarian significance. Nursultan Nazarbayev has honorary doctor's degree, he is a professor of many domestic and foreign higher educational institutions. Evidence of this is the 25 mantles from the largest universities and scientific institutions in Europe, America and Asia.

The events of the excursion project "The First" were accompanied by musical numbers of the Presidential Orchestra of the State Guard Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The concert featured works of various genres performed by leading soloists of the orchestra, and talented ensembles from the Presidential Orchestra: a brass band, folk ensemble, chamber music ensemble, song and pop ensemble, as well as a dance ensemble.

On 28 November, an excursion arrived to pupils of school №3 in the village of Talapker, Tselinograd district, Akmola region. Schoolchildren learned a lot of new and interesting on the topic "Historical choice. The ascent". This exposition is a consistent detailed display of the first steps of Independent Kazakhstan aimed at developing good-neighborliness and cooperation with the countries of the world community. The chronological framework of the excursion - 1991-2000 - the most dramatic, unpredictable on historical consequences. Impressed by what they saw and heard, high school students shared their impressions among themselves, rejoicing in the way they could enrich their essays on Independence Day.

The next day, on 29 November, the Library staff launched an exposition in the military unit № 5573 of the national guard of Kazakhstan, which was visited by more than 800 soldiers. People in uniform had the opportunity to study in detail the exhibits on the theme "Historical choice. Beginning". Here was presented a set of rare photographs, videos, archival documents related to the facts of the biography of N. Nazarbayev, his labor activity.

Of particular importance to the military was the exhibition "Award to the President — Gratitude to the People". The collection of foreign top awards, as well as samples of state and public awards of President N. Nazarbayev made a big impression on the soldiers, for whom the word "award" always had a high sacred meaning. In addition, the soldiers watched films about the President.

The capital's residents also visited the mobile exhibition "First". On 30 November, the exhibition "Historic choice. The beginning" was opened in the public reception of the Republican Party "Nur Otan". Excursus into the history of the state the library staff supported by unique exhibits – these are pages of documents from the 60s - 70s of the 20th century, articles published in the republican press of the Kazakh SSR. Astana resident Zhansaya Mamyrova shared her memories of the first years after the relocation of the capital from Almaty to Astana.

– It was a difficult and at the same time very exciting period of life in our country. Everyone kept a close eye on how Astana was being built and improved. There was a lot of critics, but look how we went through all these difficulties, what the capital has become today... I think that the President inspired all of us. His confidence, his experience gave us strength to believe in his dream, which not only took place, it triumphs throughout the CIS and even in the world!

More than 60 exhibits and 30 employees of the Elbassy Library were involved in the implementation of the excursion project "The first", which was visited by about 3000 people. By the Day of the First President, residents of the capital had the opportunity to touch the history of their homeland, learn the details of the formation of the young state and the life of the President, whose biography is inextricably linked with the history of independent Kazakhstan.