These January days marks 104 years since the birth of the outstanding Kazakh writer Ilyas Esenberlin.  The author of 19 novels and two trilogies, he is known worldwide as the author of the historical work "The Nomads". This work served as a literary basis for the film dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate.

Novels of the trilogy - "Khan Kene","Enchanted sword " and "Despair " cover events in the Kazakh steppe from XV to the middle of XIX century. The writer was one of the first who described the formation of the Kazakh people, the complex relationship with Dzungaria, China, Khiva, Bukhara, the Russian Empire.



President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said about the novel: "The central place in the work of Ilyas Esenberlin is occupied by the famous trilogy "The Nomads", which is distinguished by epic scale, dynamism of action, vivid and unique images of outstanding figures of Kazakh history, accurate and expressive language". The Head of State also wrote a Preface to the English edition of the book "Nomads".

Currently, the Personal library of the head of State is the gift set of the trilogy. In a specially created box set 9 books in three languages.

Ilyas Esenberlin was born in 1915 in the town of Atbasar in Akmola region. Childhood and youth are the hardest periods in the life of the future writer. Poverty and hunger 20-30 years led to the fact that he was a round orphan – parents died of smallpox – was in an orphanage. Even then, the young Ilyas showed his creativity - wrote poems for wall newspapers.

He received professional education at the Kazakh mining and metallurgical Institute. After graduating in 1940, he was sent to work in Dzhezkazgan, and then he went to the Red Army. After the war, Ilyas Esenberlin was awarded the medals "For battle merit" and "For the defense of Leningrad". He worked as an instructor in the Central Committee of the Communist party of Kazakhstan, Director of the Kazakh state Philharmonic, editor of the scenario Board of the Studio "Kazakhfilm", Director of the publishing house "Writer", second Secretary of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan.

During this period novels about the everyday life of ordinary people - "the Song of a man", "Golden bird", "Fight", "Dangerous crossing", "Lovers", "Rapidly flowing Yessil" have been written. Poetry collections have been published. In 1968 was published a novel "Khan Kene", in 1971 – "Enchanted sword", in 1973 – "Despair". Each of them is a part of the trilogy "The Nomads". 

The English version of the work was published in 1998. In general, the novel has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Ilyas Esenberlin said: "In my novels, I widely used the chronicles of various nations, the works of Iranian scholars, old Russian religious scholars and thick journals of historians. All this information helped me in my work on the Nomads. Having studied more than a hundred historical sources from different countries, I compared them with the best examples of oral folk art of the steppe people. Only after such a scrupulous comparison of facts I used the material that I selected in my works".

A classic of Kazakh literature passed away in 1983, his family continued four children and twelve grandchildren. The writer's words will forever remain in people's memory: "I wrote a story, tried to open it to my people, so that it would go under the banner of justice into the future".