At the initiative of the world health organization with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, State Agency for compulsory health insurance, Associations for the management of medical territorial units and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan started the project REACT-C19. The aim of the project is rapid development of basic skills related to the treatment of patients infected with COVID-10 in hospitals of Azerbaijan.  

19 Azerbaijan doctors working in Turkey will participate in the project. The staff of 16 hospitals will undergo two-week training on the use of the triage distribution system, preventing and controlling the spread of infection, managing cases of diseases, establishing the resuscitation system, creating the necessary systems for hospital staff and their long-term storage. The project will also launch an online platform for healthcare professionals to receive training and presentations, video tutorials from mentors, and statistics.

The presidential library of the Republic of Belarus presented an edition of the XVII century - the works of the late romantic poet Claudius Claudian


In the reading room of the Department of old printed and rare publications of the Presidential library of the Republic of Belarus, you can read the book by Cl. Claudiani quae exstant: ex emendatione virorum doctorum. ― [Leiden]: Ex Officina Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1616. — 263 p.

This edition of the XVII century presents the author's famous works of different genres in Latin: "The panegyric on the third Consulate of Honorius Augustus", "Eulogy to the fourth Consulate of Honorius Augustus", "a Panegyric for the sixth Consulate of Honorius Augustus", a mythological poem "The Rape of Proserpina", and it remained unfinished the epic poem "Gildon War" and other works. The title page of this book shows the symbol of the famous Plantin publishing brand: open compasses and the motto "Labore et Constantia" — "Work and constancy", the place of publication is unknown.

Claudius Claudianus (370AD – 404AD), a late romantic poet, wrote his works in Greek and Latin. His fame was so great and brilliant that during his lifetime a statue was erected to him in the Forum of Trajan in Rome, and in an inscription engraved on it, the poet was compared with Homer and Virgil. Many of Claudius Claudian's works reflect the mood and interests of the society, as well as events related to the political life of that time.


Rare publications, films and video lectures of the Presidential library of the Russian Federation illustrate the history of space exploration


On April 12, 1961, the world's first spacecraft-satellite "Vostok" with a man on board - pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, was put into orbit around the Earth. On April 12, cosmonautics Day is traditionally celebrated.

The presidential library of the Russian Federation invites everyone to familiarize themselves on its portal with the materials of the Open space electronic collection, which includes fragments of newsreels, periodicals, books, postcards, commemorative medals and badges that reflect various milestones in the development of cosmonautics. Visitors to the Presidential Library’s portal have the opportunity to watch the documentary "Space pilots", listen to lectures by leading Russian scientists: The International Space Station - Orbital Construction of the Century and Achievements of Modern Astronomy: A New Breakthrough in Fundamental Science.


Marking the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory: unique materials from the Presidential Library’s collection


The presidential library of the Russian Federation invites you to study the materials of one of the largest electronic collections "Memory of the great Victory" on its portal. It includes official documents, photos and newsreels, newspapers, books, propaganda publications, collections of articles, biographies, testimonies of participants in military battles and home front workers, their personal documents, images of military and labor awards, monuments and memorials.

All materials are divided into seven thematic sections: "Authorities and society during the Great Patriotic War", "Anti-Hitler coalition", "The power of Russian weapons: military operations during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "People's militia in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "Defenders of the Fatherland", "War on the pages of the regional and battle-front press", "Perpetuation of the memory of the Great Patriotic War", "Memory of the Great Victory".


Yeltsin Center presents Boris Yeltsin's video memoirs


The presidential center of Boris Yeltsin presented unique video documents on its website. This is a series of conversations between TV presenter and journalist Andrey Maksimov and the first President of Russia, who was already retired at that time.

This interviews began in autumn of 2002. Over several months, 20 conversations were recorded, about half an hour each. None of these materials have been published before. But a significant part of them became the basis of the documentary "Boris Yeltsin. Life and fate", which was released on Yeltsin's 80th birthday in 2011.