These are the most disciplined students of the Library’s lectures, and it’s not just the uniform. This year, the Oxford Academic Union recognized the quality of education and professionalism of the faculty of the National University of Defense named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as one of the best in the world. 47 undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers of this university have today received certificates of completion of the training seminar “Rukhani Zhangyru: the way to the future”.

Orders are not discussed. But in the course of training on the subject of spiritual modernization of the people, the military officers generously share their vision of how to educate real patriots. To love the homeland and to protect the people – the simple truth that the father of four children, the major of the air defense from Almaty Azamat Niyazaliyev, instills in his children from an early age. Together with his colleagues these days he listened to lectures on the strategic programs of Elbassy.

- We went to the Library, and got into a huge scientific, analytical complex, with such a wide variety of information presentation - exhibitions, lectures, and trainings. I did not expect frankly that the lectures would be so interesting. Lecturers are very qualified. They tell about the Address, about the programs of the President. Probably, it would even be difficult to understand some points, and here you will learn the essence of strategies, for what tasks they are developed and what is required of everyone, says Major Niyazaliyev.

The lectures on the themes “Competitiveness - Modernization of the Nation in the XXI Century”, “History and evolutionary development of Kazakhstan”, “Preserving national identity”, “Open consciousness - the way to the future” allowed the military not only to understand the nuances of the country's political and economic development, but also get an understanding of what are the prospects of the country, what is required for the implementation of the tasks set by the President. As people in uniform admit, they are well aware that the role of representatives of military structures in achieving the goals of the Address is quite important. After all, it is in the ranks of the troops that real heroes mature, capable of proving devotion to their people, being true patriots and setting an example to others.  

At the end of the seminar, all students from the National University of Defense received personal certificates and souvenirs from the Library of the First President.