Another two-day seminar "The way to the future begins with everyone" held in the Library of Elbassy has ended. This time, students from North Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions attended lectures and training. An important moment of the event was the meeting of high school students with the well-known Kazakh family psychologist, grant holder of the US Institute of Peace Yerzhan Myrzabaev. 


The knowledge that the children received at the lectures and seminars is important information about the history of the independent state, its current development priorities, which are based on Addresses, strategic programs and articles reflecting the ideas and initiatives of Elbassy. The schoolchildren from the regions saw expositions both in the building of the Nazarbayev Center and in the Library museum, located in the former residence of the First President of Kazakhstan.

For the first time, Kristina Sveridyuk from the North Kazakhstan region arrived in the capital. "I have long dreamed of visiting the capital of my native Kazakhstan. And here I am in Nur-Sultan. I liked the seminar in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy very much. It was productive, interesting, informative, and left a lasting impression in the soul. Many thanks to the organizers and lecturers. We are representatives of a happy peaceful Kazakhstan, and we are proud of it."   

The guest of the seminar was Yerzhan Myrzabaev, a professional family psychologist. In 2018, he took courses of 1-2 levels of the Gottman Institute for the study of family relationships in Houston (USA). He worked as a project coordinator for Kazakhstan of the UN Development Program "Strengthening local communities and regional cooperation to prevent violent extremism". This year he received a grant from the US Institute of Peace. Yerzhan Myrzabaev shared with the children recommendations on how to build relationships with peers, other people, focusing on the ability to solve problematic issues without leading to conflicts. Bekzat Zhurtukov from the Kostanay region shared his impression of the meeting.

"I plan to enter the faculty of international relations. I want to become an experienced politician, for this, I believe, the advice of psychologist Yerzhan Myrzabayev is very useful. The main thing is that I learned more about emotional intelligence. These skills, these abilities are characteristic of strong and successful people, politicians such as Nursultan Nazarbayev."  

Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy Botagoz Kaipova congratulated the students on passing the training seminar and on the upcoming holiday – Independence Day. All participants were awarded certificates and gifts in a solemn atmosphere.