On November 22, 2019, within the decade of events dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the museum of the Library of Elbassy held a scientific and practical conference of schoolchildren of Nur-Sultan "Elbasynyń ómіrbaıany jáne jasampaz ıdeıalary".

Holding such conferences among students of the capital's schools is a long tradition of the Library of Elbassy.


With the help of museum teachers, students of five schools presented the results of scientific research on the biography of Elbassy in a nontraditional format. The brightest pages of the modern history of Kazakhstan are reflected in these projects. Our younger generation should know and appreciate the national history. At the same time, we should not forget that the patriotic education of young people is one of the primary tasks of the whole society: parents, teachers, and cultural and educational institutions, among others..

Deputy Director Botagoz Kaipova expressed gratitude for the long-term and fruitful cooperation to the co-organizers and long-time partners of the Library of Elbassy - the Education Department of Nur-Sultan, the directors and the teaching staff of the capital's schools № 8, № 40, № 56, № 58, № 80.

The students presented the biography and work activities of the First President of Kazakhstan in the form of theatrical performances on the themes: "Kópten kútken qýanysh", "Mektep jyldary", "Eńbegі eren Elbasy", "Kemeńgelіktіń 30 jyly", "Rýhanı jańǵyrý jasampazdyqtyń negіzі", "Elbasy – Máńgіlіk El kóshbasshysy".

The event aroused great interest and positive impressions of all those present.

- I consider today's event very important and relevant. It was on December 1 that the first elections in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan took place, which determined the further political and economic development of the country. Our people made the right choice. At the head of the Republic was the leader, who cared deeply for the people. And today's achievements of independent Kazakhstan are the result of the selfless work of Elbassy for the benefit of our people. Our children should know and remember in what conditions the foundations of independence were formed, said Director of the school No. 56 Zhumagazy Alpishev.

Zhannur Eskermesh, a student of the 9th grade of the school No. 8:

- Before presenting our project today, we prepared for a long time, found a lot of additional material. Of course, every citizen of Kazakhstan not only knows about the activities of Elbassy but also can see the results of his initiatives firsthand. We were able to see once again that the First President is not only a world-scale leader but also a generous person and a true patriot.


Madiyar Dyusen, 5th grade student the school No. 56:

- I think that such events should be held every year. We have learned a lot of new and interesting information about our leader, his ideas and achievements. He dreamed of becoming a pilot but his lofty dreams made him the President of an entire country. Thanks to him, our Republic flourishes and strives for new heights.