On October 9, the lecture "Tenge - a symbol of our independence" was held in the Museum of the Library of Elbassy for students of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute.

In the course of the lecture, the audience got an idea about the history of monetary circulation in Kazakhstan, the prerequisites and reasons for the introduction of the national currency, monetary reform in the country. The students received an objective assessment of the historical significance of tenge for the present and future of the country.

The introduction of its own currency was the basis for the implementation of Kazakhstan's economic sovereignty, building a market economy and the basis of national prosperity. The history of tenge is the history of Kazakhstan. This is confirmed by the words of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy N.Nazarbayev: "Tenge, as the national currency, played its role in the history of our country not only as an economic basis for independence but also as a full-fledged part of our country, a sign of time."

After the lecture, students and teachers expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the event.

Daria Gornaya, a student of EAGI College:

- Today, we attended a lecture on the national currency tenge. There was a lot of historical information about the creation of tenge, about the creation of the Mint, and the economic development of our country as a whole. For the first time, I learned about the peculiarities of the production of banknotes and coins. I think this topic is very important for young people.


Kristina Goncharova, a student of EAHI College:

- I first visited the Library of Elbassy. Thank you for the exciting lecture. This class is different from traditional lectures. It was interesting to know that tenge is one of the most protected currencies in the world. I think that this material will be useful for us both in history classes and in practice.



Karina Gubaidullina, a student of EAHI College:

- It was the first time we had such a detailed and deep acquaintance with our national currency. A lot of interesting data about archaeological excavations, modern design developments of tenge, participation in international competitions, etc.



   Nurila Kazbekova, teacher of EAHI College:

- I want to note the high methodical mastery of the lecturer. The material is presented consequently, with the use of various photo and video documents, comprehensively revealing the topic. The history of tenge is fascinatingly shown from ancient times to the present days. There is a lot of actual and demanded information. I am deeply impressed by the oratorical skills of the lecturer. It was very interesting to see the collection and commemorative tenge. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the executives of the Library of Elbassy for organizing an informative lecture.