On April 24, 2017 in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation took place. The exhibition cycle is aimed at the consecutive developed presentation of history of formation and development of institute of Presidency of the Republic of Kazakhstan by means of the text materials, photos, books and exhibits.

The 24 of April is the date of the exhibition opening – and it is chosen not incidentally. That day in 1990 in Kazakhstan the position of the President of the Republic was established for the first time and according to the decision of the Supreme Council N.A. Nazarbayev was elected the President of KazSSR.

At the opening ceremony the deputy director of the Library of the Leader of the Nation Kulyaisha Aktayeva said:

«We open the fund exhibitions cycle dedicated to the institute of presidency in one of the buildings of Norman Foster, which represent the most daring ideas of the creator of modern Kazakhstan statehood N. A. Nazarbayev. The exhibition consists of several parts: in the first part are unique works of the collection of gifted books, in the second part are documentary and photo chronicle, opening the stages of improvement of the institute of presidency. Besides, on the second floor is the exhibition of carpets and tapestries. They are the highest models of the carpet weaving gifted to the Head of state during the official meetings and visits».

For the first time at the exposition are presented the unique types of carpets and tapestries from the collection of carpet goods and fine arts of the Library’s museum. At different times they were gifted to N. A. Nazarbayev from the heads of states and governments, ambassadors, delegations of foreign countries and people of Kazakhstan. The exhibits of the collection let us see the geography of the diplomatic contacts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and high reputation of the country under the leadership of the First President of Kazakhstan.

The doctor of the jurisprudence, the professor, the member of the Constitutional council of Kazakhstan Victor Malinovsky noted that present date has had significant effect on the destiny of everyone Kazakhstan citizen, all country in general: «All achievements of independent Kazakhstan are result of a unique gift of political anticipation of the Leader of the Nation. If we say about the achievements of the multivector foreign policy, economic growth, democratization of society, etc. – all of them are results of strategic initiatives of the Head of our state. The model of Kazakhstan state independence is a model of Nursultan Nazarbayev. The current exhibition is an acknowledgment of high achievements and progress of our state. I would like to express gratitude to the employees of the Library of the Leader of the Nation for scientific conceptualization and promotion of works, strategic initiatives of the Leader, value of the institute of presidency and the constitutional status of the President of Kazakhstan».

Today, the institute of Presidency in Kazakhstan is 27. It is quite obvious that it proved its viability and consistence; it became a core of political system and «engine» of modernization of our society. This circumstance in many ways predetermined the success of reforms and provided a phenomenon of «Kazakhstan break».

In the conditions of the deepest crisis which struck the Party and Soviet system, there was necessary to have a state agency, which would be a new, active, politically not discrediting itself by the previous development. The institute of Presidency became that state agency. We connect its formation with the ideas and affairs of the Leader of the Nation - the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Kazakhstan integrated into the world community, is recognized around the world, has the authority, a respectable foreign policy resource, internal stability and economic growth, but everything was preceded by a difficult and thorny way. The materials of «At epochs line» exhibition let us again go through the events, fatal for the country, and appreciate those deep transformations which have defined a modern image of the Republic of Kazakhstan.