Pupils of the School of Fine Arts - UNESCO Сlub Nur-Sultan visited the museum of the Library of Elbassy. A thematic tour was organized for them on the history of the sports achievements of Kazakhstanis. 

The history of triumphant moments at world level competitions - the Olympics and Asian Games, when the national anthem of Kazakhstan was solemnly played, literally lives in the trophies presented by famous athletes. The First President of Kazakhstan has always supported and supports talented Kazakhstanis who are distinguished by their persistent desire for victory and self-realization.  

The hall "Sports glory of Kazakhstan" is always of special interest for visitors of the museum. There is a gallery of photos here that convey the happiest emotions at the moment of the triumph of sports spirit. In historical photos, students see the honoring of the winners, the sincerity of feelings and the patriotic mood of the athletes of Kazakhstan. The children can feel the theme through the fascinating stories of the guides about how hard and self-sacrificing the heights were reached.

Over the years of independence, a whole generation of champions has grown in Kazakhstan. As a sign of gratitude for their support, they give trophies to the collection of the museum of the Library of Elbassy. Among them - the wreath of B. Artaev, the belt of V. Zhirov, M. Mazimbaev, G. Golovkin, the bicycle of A. Vinokurov, and the motorcycle of the traveler D.Petrukhin, who visited 80 countries of the world - a path of 200 thousand kilometers, for which he was included in the Guinness book of world records. Among the valuable exhibits there are memorable gifts from world sports celebrities, for example, a T-shirt "PELE №10" and a soccer ball "CAFÉ PELE" with the autograph of an outstanding Brazilian player.

The tour of the capital’s School of Fine Arts - UNESCO Club was conducted by an expert of the Library Excursion Service Kairzhan Konyrshin: "There is always interest in the eyes of children, especially when they hear the stories of victories of famous athletes. They ask questions and you can see the fire of hope and desire to win in their eyes. The guys from the Art School are very creative, I believe the current excursion will certainly be deeply reflected in their new works."