On February 28 this year participants of two-day seminar "The way to the future begins with everyone" from among the students of the East Kazakhstan state University  and Caspian state University of technology and engineering successfully completed the course and received certificates.

Since February 13, 2019, the Library started the fourth season of the training seminar on the updated program. The training program "The way to the future begins with everyone" based on the President's Address 2018 "New possibilities of development in the fourth industrial revolution", "Growth of welfare of Kazakhstanis: increase of income and quality of life", the article "Ruhani Zhangyru" and "Seven facets of the Great Steppe" and the book of the President "Era of independence". The training part of the seminars involves working in groups, development of social projects, and participation in team games.

Before leaving for their hometowns, the children shared their impressions and talked about how they will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the Library of the Elbassy.

Dmitry Reguretsky, 2nd year student of East Kazakhstan state University:

- The impressions are amazing. First, thanks to the participation in the seminar of the Library of Elbassy, we were lucky to visit the capital. Secondly, during the training we received a huge amount of useful and very interesting information, learned to apply this knowledge in practice during the training. I also want to note that for me personally the topic of the seminar is more relevant than ever. After all, I study at the faculty of journalism and work at the TV Studio, and right now we are engaged in a project dedicated to the Year of Youth. I think that participation in the seminar "The way to the future begins with everyone" will allow me to be more competent in this matter.

Korkem Abyldaeva, 3rd year student of Caspian state University of technology and engineering:

– I am in Astana for the second time, but for the first time I visited the Library of Elbassy. On excursions I learned a lot about the history of our country and our President. The lectures were very interesting. Such wonderful lecturers and trainers worked with us! Many thanks to them. I think that this information will be of interest to all students of our university, so upon arrival in Aktau I would like to gather the guys and tell about everything that we have heard here.