Today in the Museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy took place a solemn opening of the new permanent exhibitions “Musical instruments of peoples of the world” and “Sport victories of Kazakhstan”. The event is timed to coincide with the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the opening of the new exhibition, a new type of excursion was presented - an audio tour of the collection of musical instruments of the peoples of the world.

The basis of the collection “Musical instruments of the peoples of the world” are gifts presented to the President of Kazakhstan by the heads of foreign states and governments, international organizations, foreign delegations and residents of Kazakhstan. It includes both the simplest samples, and very difficult on a design and musical instruments. Among them is Dan Bau - a single-stringed zither -Vietnamese national musical instrument from the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang. A gramophone produced in the artel “Gramophone” 1940-1950 with a collection of vintage plates of Kulyash Baiseitova, Fyodor Chalyapin, Tchaikovsky and Russian romances. Among the rare items is also the hand-made barrel-organ, produced by Johann Nechada's “Factory of Organs and Orchestrions”, Odessa, late 19th-early 20th century, at one time Russia's only barrel-organ production. In total, the exhibition presents 35 exhibit items.

- Today, before the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, I am particularly pleased to open two new exhibitions: “Sports glory of Kazakhstan” and “Musical instruments of the peoples of the world”. We finish 2018 on a positive, festive note, as art and sport are those integral parts of our private everyday life that in global sense unite the whole people and the countries. Music and sports are phenomena that do not require “translation”, can inspire and are constantly aimed at improving the spirit and body, - said in his greeting the Deputy Director of the Elbassy Library, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov.

Cooperation between the Library and the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan continues. This May the exhibition “Olympic movement in Kazakhstan” was opened in the Nazarbayev Center, where awards, uniforms and personal belongings of outstanding Kazakhstani athletes are presented. The exposition “Sports Glory of Kazakhstan” opened in the Museum of the Elbassy Library is also a collection of unique exhibits testifying to the sports glory of Kazakhstanis. It includes gifts to N. Nazarbayev from Kazakhstani and foreign athletes, archival documents from the Personal Archive of Elbassy, as well as personal belongings of the winners of world competitions provided by the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan. Among them are the boxing belts of Vasily Zhirov and Marat Mazimbayev, a bicycle and t-shirt of Alexander Vinokurov, as well as gifts of biker Dmitry Petrukhin. A few years ago, the famous traveler handed over his round-the-world motorcycle to the Museum of the First President. Today, the museum’s fund will be supplemented with the flags of the 2017 World Universiade and the 2011 Asian Winter Games. The unique value of each canvas is that they contain autographs of world famous athletes, as well as political and public figures.

- Before the Asian Games, I drove through all the countries of Southeast Asia and invite them to participate in our grand event. I remember that the Minister of Sports of the Philippines, where there is no snow and almost no developed winter sports, sent athletes to training in Europe and Russia, after which they were able to come to us at the Asian Games. I feel joy and pride for our Kazakhstan whenever I tell about our Motherland in different parts of the world. Many people already know about it thanks to President N. Nazarbayev. And I try to make a contribution, I meet with ordinary workers, young people and talk about the Kazakh land. In general, I really want to start developing domestic tourism. Now I am working on an expedition to sacred places in Kazakhstan. Bikers from 10 countries will travel all over the country next summer. Then there will be a festival on Lake Balkhash with participants from 50 countries of the world. This is our “Message to the Future”, the message that Kazakhstan invites friends, - the famous biker-traveler Dmitry Petrukhin shared his plans.