On November 28, within the decade of events dedicated to the Day of the First President, in the capital's schools No. 57 and No. 13, the employees of the Service for social, humanitarian and educational projects and volunteers of the Elbassy Library held a Volunteer Hour.

As part of the Volunteer Hour, students were presented the history of the formation of Kazakhstan's independence through the prism of the biography and activities of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Students learned interesting facts about the childhood and school years of Elbassy, his sports hobbies, and achievements in social activities. Special attention was paid to the role of Elbassy in the formation of the new capital of Kazakhstan. The documentary shown to students during the event was dedicated to the bright pages of the creation of the capital. In the practical part of the lesson, a quiz was held on the knowledge of the main attractions of our capital.


The volunteers of the Library of Elbassy acquainted the children with the goals of the volunteer movement and the main events planned for 2020, announced by President of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev as the Year of the Volunteer.

The Volunteer Hour aroused a lot of positive emotions among the participants and was highly appreciated by school teachers.

Asel Kuanysheva, history teacher of secondary school No. 13:

- The lesson carries a huge educational message for students. On the basis of archival photos and video documents, it is shown how Elbassy went to his dream, how he became the First President of Kazakhstan. It is important to show children how much titanic work, knowledge is invested by Nursultan Nazarbayev in the formation and development of our country. The enormous working ability of Elbassy is perfectly emphasized. The volunteers of the Library of Elbassy very responsibly and diligently approached this event. They were able to find an approach to the children's audience and capture the attention of schoolchildren.

   Aldiyar Koigeldy, 5th-grade student of secondary school No. 13:

   - It was a wonderful lesson. We were told a lot about the biography of the First President. I was very interested to learn about the sports hobbies and achievements of Elbassy in his childhood.