An interesting, informative pavilion is located on the third floor of the Elbasy Library. The perception of the material is enhanced by thoughtful design with the use of modern IT-technologies. Technical filling is especially important in revealing the theme of the exhibition "N. Nazarbayev is the leader of the global anti-nuclear movement".

When the lecturer, the candidate of historical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Library Kulyaisha Aktayeva, talks about the Semipalatinsk polygon, the listeners hear the roar of explosions, see the ominous atomic mushroom and, as a result of the tests - children born with terrible malformations. The scale of the tragedy, human horror and pain certainly touch the participants of the lecture, as well as today's guests – students of Astana Medical University and the College of Management.

- This can not leave you indifferent. I know about the Nevada-Semey movement ... And there's still a lot of information about the President. How many things had to be done to close the nuclear test site and give up nuclear weapons altogether ... I come from Ust-Kamenogorsk, we have a plant that produces uranium tablets. But it is a peaceful atom, it is the fuel for nuclear power plants, and it is also a great achievement. Our medicine now also uses nuclear technology. In the future, having become a surgeon, I want to save people's lives, maybe then the technology of peaceful atom will be even more perfect, - shares the impression the first-year medical University of Astana Aslan Toktarbayev.

During the one-hour lecture, students receive comprehensive information about the nuclear past of our country, the origin of test site, its closure, the global approach of Kazakhstan and President N. Nazarbayev to the issues of nuclear disarmament. All important milestones, historical dates are reflected in the giant structure of Mobius Band, which means a continuous flow of time, undergoing dramatic changes in the critical era.

– We must understand a very important truth - any scientific discovery, any technology that has declared itself and appeared at least in the mind of one person – can not be stopped, can not be banned.  But the question is how we can and should use what we already have. This is the ancient myth about Pandora's box – said the Deputy Director of the Library Kulyaisha Aktayeva.

Students, boldly entering into a dialogue with the lecturer, enthusiastically made notes, took pictures of archival documents and awards of N. Nazarbayev for his contribution to nuclear disarmament. For them, the lecture was more than timely, next week the children will take part in a seminar on the history of nuclear test sites.