From 17 to 22 June, 2019 the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy holds a week of thematic excursions dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.  Nazarbayev at the highest post of government.

The expositions presented in two buildings of the Library of Elbassy acquaint with the stages of formation of independent Kazakhstan, public and state activity of N.Nazarbayev, as well as unique Museum collections.

Thematic tour "Atameken" tells the story of the motherland, family, childhood, school years of N. Nazarbayev. During the tour, students will get acquainted with rare photos, videos and archival documents related to the biography of Elbassy.

The thematic tour "A reward for the President – gratitude to the people" introduces the collection of the highest state awards, which were awarded to the First President of independent Kazakhstan for outstanding achievements in strengthening and developing friendship and cooperation between Kazakhstan and other states, for maintenance of inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony, as well as initiatives for the destruction and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Thematic tour "N. Nazarbayev – the leader of the global anti-nuclear movement" clearly reveals the global approach of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its First President to ensure universal security, based on the renunciation of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests. Multimedia and interactive exposition allows visitors to get maximum information on the topic in an interesting and accessible form.

Thematic tour "Sports glory of Kazakhstan" is devoted to the sports history of our country for the years of independence. The tour introduces the collection of gifts of Kazakhstan and foreign athletes to N. Nazarbayev, sports equipment and trophies of Kazakhstan champions.

As part of the thematic tour "Collection of weapons" visitors will be presented with a unique collection of weapons in the meeting room of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The tour allows you to learn about the history of a particular type of weapon, methods and places of production, introduces the world-famous schools of weapons mastery.

Thematic tour "Treasures of Saka mounds "Golden man" in the exhibition of the Library of Elbassy" introduces the art of the early nomads on the example of a unique artefacts. Students will be able to get extensive information about the scientific activities of one of the founders of the Kazakhstan archaeological school, doctor of historical Sciences Kemal Akishev, who opened the "Golden man" to the world.

The Library of Elbassy also offers excursions on the theme: "Republic of Kazakhstan: strategy of national development", "Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan and Elbassy", "The world recognized President", "Zhastar – support of the country", "Astana - symbol of unity and independence of Kazakhstan", "The Olympic movement in Kazakhstan".

To register for tours please phone 69-30-41, 8-702-439-38-51 (Nur-Sultan, st. A. Bokeykhan, 1, the building of the Nazarbayev centre); 75 -12-96, 75-12-92, 75-10-27 (Nur-Sultan, Beibitshilik street, 11, building of the Museum). E-mail: museum_08@inbox.ru.