Volunteer movement has a great social and educational potential. This assured the representatives of the main institutions of Kazakhstan's youth policy, members of the Republican organizations and associations, which met in the Library of the Nation's Leader in the meeting of the coordination Council of the "Kemel El» center of cultural and educational work and upbringing of youth. Representatives of the Ministry of religious Affairs and civil society of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the headquarters to train volunteers for EXPO-2017, KSU "Youth of Astana", Association of legal entities (ALE) "Congress of youth of Kazakhstan", ALE "national volunteer network", NGO "Volunteer EXPO e-generation", Republican United children-youth organization "Zhas Ulan" participated in the meeting. Opening the regular meeting of the coordinating Council, Deputy Director of the Library of the Leader of the Nation Zhapsarbay Kuanyshev emphasized the importance of volunteer movement for the formation of Patriotic feelings among young people.

- Our common goal and responsibility is to provide the correct direction and create opportunities for self-development of young generation. Library of the Leader of the Nation is actively involved in the development of the national volunteer movement. Implementing the "Ideas changing the world» social project we create a civic conscious youth. Expert club at the center of "Kemel El" has become a youth and society required discussion platform. Through the work of the club volunteers EXPO-2017 15 carry out social projects, - said Zhapsarbay Ilyassovich. 

  Today, many organizations engaged in the development of volunteering. They independently solve emerging problems; introduce various ways of encouraging youth leaders. The participants of the meeting proposed to introduce a uniform legal and methodological support of volunteer activities. For this purpose, will set up a special working group, which will include the public associations and organizations. "We joined forces. Come to a consensus. The working group will discuss ways to develop volunteering and to make specific proposals, said senior researcher of the Library of the Nation's Leader Lyudmila Burlachenko.