The opening ceremony of the Year of Youth "Generation of Independence" with the participation of the Head of state was held on 23 January.  The event gave a start to the implementation of large-scale activities aimed at comprehensive support of young people and effective implementation of the state youth policy. The opening ceremony was watched live by representatives of the younger generation of all educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

           - Youth is a key factor of competitiveness of our country in the modern world. The future of Kazakhstan depends on you – on your knowledge, energy and patriotism.  Everything that we do now is done for the sake of your happy life, so that you can fulfill your full potential and opportunities, - Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

           Representatives of youth of all categories participated in the ceremony: winners of the contest "100 new faces", graduates of the scholarship "Bolashak", young scientists, working young people, young athletes, gifted children, children from orphanages, soldiers and young people with special needs, as well as members of the Government, members of Parliament and representatives of the local executive authorities. Among the guests was the senior expert of the Elbassy Library, member of the Council on youth policy under the President of Kazakhstan Kanat Auesbay. He shared his impressions of the meeting:  

- The Head of state, having listened carefully to all the ideas and proposals of the brightest representatives of young people, gave specific instructions to the Government. All instructions concerned four major areas for the younger generation - education, employment, housing and creation of favorable conditions for creation of a family. I was particularly pleased with the news that in all the regions the program "Young entrepreneur" will be implemented on the experience of microcredit and business training. In addition, the Government was instructed to double the volume of funding grants for young entrepreneurs in the framework of the “Business Road Map 2020”. I believe that this will stimulate young people to open their business and create conditions for doing business freely in a competitive environment. Another news that especially pleased me was the instruction to the Government to increase the scholarship to student volunteers by 30%. I think this is a very necessary and timely initiative. As the world practice shows, volunteering is always the socialization of young people. A young volunteer who is actively involved in various public affairs is deeply worried about the country, and advocates for social benefits. For this reason almost at all top universities one of the main criteria for admission is volunteering. I am sure that we also need to attach great importance to this.

Kanat Auesbay also noted that, as a journalist and a teacher, he was impressed by the Government's request to increase grant funding by 3 billion tenge for basic and applied research. At the opening ceremony, it was also instructed to establish in each region one top University, similar to the "Nazarbayev University", with the involvement of foreign professors and 10 best colleges, which will comply with the principle of 100/200. The President also proposed to fit colleges with up-to-date equipment. Kanat Auesbay stressed that the President did not disregard the issues of providing housing for young families - an additional 1,000 homes for young Kazakhstanis will be built in the three megacities of the country on the “7-20-25” program.

- In general, the Head of state, having shown great trust in the younger generation, noted that in order to be competitive, they need to have the following qualities - critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Critical thinking helps to make rational decisions, communication develops the quality of relationship management, collaboration - the quality of cooperation, and creative thinking helps to think creatively. The President wants to see all these qualities in modern Kazakhstan youth. I am sure that the younger generation, in turn, will in every way try to meet expectations of the Head of state, - Kanat Auesbay concluded.