The lesson-holiday «Менің Қазақстаным – менің болашағым»

On August 28, 2015 on the eve of the Day of Knowledge the lesson-holiday «Менің Қазақстаным – менің болашағым», dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held for first-formers of school-lyceum No. 48 in the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

      For 20 years, Kazakhstan lives and develops on the base of the legal norms of the Constitution of independent Kazakhstan. The Basic law of our country is a document of special historical significance, which became the foundation of nation-state development. This is the result of many years of collective work, at the origins of which the First President of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev stands, who has become a generator of ideas in the drafting of the Constitution and managed to rally around himself the millions of people of Kazakhstan.
During the lesson young citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the future first-formers of school-lyceum No. 48 made a trip to the museum country, where they became acquainted with the history of the Basic law, have known about their rights and duties enshrined in the Constitution. Through the elements of self-knowledge the children shared with their knowledge of concepts such as homeland, the native language, freedom, history and traditions of the state.
    The festival for children was held in the format of a lesson-game with elements of game exercises and quizes, «I’m a citizen of Kazakhstan», drawing and protection of projects in groups. Museum pedagogues with the teachers of the school for parents prepared a special assignment.
The organizers prepared presents and souvenirs in memory of the first lesson at the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.