The Library of the First President is developing cooperation with media

On the 15th of August 2015, the Library of First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation and International information agency ‘Kazinform’ signed memorandum of cooperation.


The aim of the cooperation is to promote original and creative ideas and initiatives of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation N. Nazarbayev for domestic and international audience.

0U3A3583 During the event, the executive director of the Library of Leader of the Nation Beisembai Zhumabekov congratulated ‘Kazinform’ with 95 years anniversary and wished a prosperity and success for the agency. He also emphasised on importance of signing such memorandum with internationally known state information agency as ‘Kazinform’.


Guests from ‘Kazinform’ and general director of the agency Dauren Diyarov visited exhibitions of the Library of the First President.

The Library of the Leader of the Nation has formerly signed memorandum of cooperation with such media resources as JSC ‘Khabar Agency’, JSC ‘Kazakhstan’, JSC ‘Kazakhstanskaya Pravda’ republican newspaper’, JSC ‘Kazcontent’, ‘Astana Akshamy’ Ltd., ‘Nur Media’ Ltd and others.


Among Kazakhstan’s internet-resources ‘Kazinform’ is placed in ‘Top-10’ list. Daily ‘Kazinfom’ portal has about 45000 visitors, representing 229 countries of the world.

The staff of the ‘Kazinform’ consists from famous TV and radio journalists, winners of awards of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winners of international regional competitions and holders of other distinctive awards.

‘Kazinform’ is a member of International association of information agencies, Association of national information agencies of CIS country-members, Organisation of information agencies of Turkic states, International organisation for cultural and art development TURKSOY, World association of Russian press and World Association of newspapers.