Festival of labor dynasties

September 25, Leader of the Nation Library will host an event "Festival of labor dynasties".

Library of the First President of Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation organizer of meeting. The meeting is devoted to Labor Day and the Teacher's Day

The purpose of the event: rendering of honors and respect to labor dynasties.

The meeting will be attended by family of teachers (Makanov's 11 teachers), doctors (Tuleutaev's 14 doctors) and railway workers (Aytbekov's 20 railway workers), students of the Medical University of Astana, college students of the Eurasian State Institute, the State Health, Transport and Communications, Transport and communications of M.Tynyshpaev, also members of the youth education center Leader of the Nation Library "Kemel  El".

Guests will share their experience in education, respect of the work, pride of profession and the secrets of continuity.

Labor Day is celebrated on the last sunday of september, teacher's Day - the first sunday of october.