Exhibition gallery «Literary heritage of the world»


To the  attention of  the visitors of  Library are presented with works of the highest level that are included in the world treasury of fiction.

The exposition is opened by the alley of great Kazakh poets and educators Abay and Shakarim. The creative heritage of Abay Kunanbayev has enriched the history and culture of the Kazakh people, becoming their true spiritual heritage, which never loses its significance. Times change, there are changes in public consciousness, but the works of the great Abai remain relevant for readers of different generations.

The fundamental series «Adebiet Alemi» is represented by the works of Kazakh classic writers: Mukagali Makatayev, Gabit Musrepov, Zhuban Moldagaliev, Sherkhan Murtaza, Sayyn Muratbekov.

Continues the exhibition of books from the series «Library of great writers». Publishing house «EKSMO»  Moscow. This series is a revival of the best traditions of Russian book printing, a worthy continuation of the  «Library of great writers», which has become a bibliographic rarity, and was published by the F. A. Brockhaus — I. A. Efron joint-stock company in the beginning of the XX century.

A special place is occupied by exclusive editions of the family library series «Front hall» - a collection of the greatest works of world literature from its folklore origins to the peak achievements of the XIX century.

The «Library of foreign classics» series includes more than 200 authors from Homer and the ancients to Fitzgerald and Zweig ,( including poetry collections), and over 1,500 works. The next series of  «Golden Fund of world classics» from the publishing house «AST» presents the best books of all time.These are «Kolyma stories» that surprise with their color and Haggard’s novels «Mines of king Solomon», «Daughter of Montezuma»,  «The beautiful Margaret», «The quadroon», «The horseman without a head» by Mayne Reid, collections of poems by Pushkin and Fet  and many other works.